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Semirara Training Center, Inc.


To support the company’s manpower requirements and to provide local residents with the opportunity to acquire marketable skills, Semirara Mining and Power Corporation maintains a partnership with Semirara Training Center, Inc. (STCI). 

STCI started as a simple training school in 2000, and it became a TESDA-accredited technical and vocational school in 2006. It offers certificate courses on automotive servicing (NCII), industrial electricity, machining (NCII), metal welding technology (NCI), mobile equipment technology and industrial equipment technology. 

Applicants accepted into STCI receive free skills training and meal allowance for the duration of their vocational training. The company offers high-performing students with apprenticeship and job opportunities.

At Semirara Island, a total of 1,580 enrollees had registered by the time school year 2015-2016 had begun. To date, 1,202 (76%) have completed their training.

Academic year 2016-2017 has seen an enrolment of 135 students in certificate courses such as Automotive Servicing NC II, Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC I, Machine Shop Practice NC II, Industrial Electricity NC II and Housekeeping. In accordance with course requirements, students undergo three to six months in-school training and an additional one and a half months on-the-job training.

Enrolment to STCI is also open to local residents of Semirara Island and other islands nearby. To date, 698 students from these areas have enrolled in courses such as Welding (SMAW), Automotive Servicing, Machine Shop Practice, Industrial Electricity and Mobile Equipment Servicing Technology.