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Inland and mangroves area reforestation


Environmental protection and the mitigation of the impact of mining activities on the community remain high on SMPC’s priority list. Therefore, the reforestation of in-land and mangrove areas are of great importance. However, our Company’s rehabilitation efforts are not limited to the areas affected by our mining operation; we also provide enrichment for areas with sparse vegetation around it, including landscaping and propagating grass species, i.e. bamboo, ragayray, vetiver, frog grass, creeping peanuts and carabao grass.


Semirara Island’s soil is highly mineralized and reforesting the land was quite daunting for the team that was tasked to do it back in 1999. Through sheer determination and much experimentation with humic acid, coal waste, coal dust and even coal ash from the power plant, the company planted trees, including various species of the mangroves.


The company has started to plant endemic trees to attempt to revive on Semirara Island the riches of the Philippine forests of the past.


The reforestation program, which is part of the mines rehabilitation efforts of the company, provides livelihood to about 51 personnel on a regular basis while providing daily wage to 224 workers during the rainy season.