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Transportation and Communication

In support of the improvement of the living conditions within our host communities, we have constructed new infrastructures  that facilitate connectivity and spur local development. We find that support for local suppliers and the development of livelihood are the best ways to help achieve growth and progress, delivering lasting economic benefits for our host communities.



Community Infrastructure in Semirara Island

Having accessible public spaces and transportation is one of the cornerstones of a good community. To support Semirara Island's economic growth, we constructed churches, school buildings, sports and recreational facilities, ports, an airstrip, and a desalination plant, among others.  

We also built and maintained roads in the island to ease the travel of our employees and serve as basic infrastructure that supports economic development. Since 2016, SMPC's MV Maria Cristina has carried more than 137,000 passengers (as of 2023) traveling along the Semirara – Bulalacao and Semirara – San Jose routes, supporting the island's bustling economy. Our free shuttle system also caters to SMPC employees and Island residents, with scheduled bus trips carrying about 1,600 people daily.


The island is served by the top telecommunication companies that support is increasing demand for data and information technology (IT) services. Improving services enabled the establishment of operations of One Network Bank (ONB) on the island in June 2014 and virtually connected Semirara with the major banking networks of the Philippines. 


Infrastructure Support in Calaca

We have initiated and saw to the development and construction of school buildings, multi-purpose gymnasiums, bridges, and footbridges to help improve the living conditions in Calaca and Balayan.


To date, a total of 59 classrooms were constructed – 50 classrooms for the Municipality of Calaca and 9 for the Municipality of Balayan.