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Livelihood and Local Entrepreneurship

In partnership with the Department of Energy, we have been making significant strides in social development programs geared towards enabling the self-sufficiency and resilience of our host communities so that they will continue to thrive in a postmining economy.

Mining and Non-Mining Livelihood Programs

Our livelihood programs fortify our host communite's long-term capacity through poverty alleviation, food security, and climate resilience especially given Semirara Island’s geographic isolation:

  • Agro Model Farm
  • Hog Raising and Poultry Egg Production
  • Fishing Livelihood
  • Seaweed Propagules Distribution
  • Seaweed Chips Production
  • Dressmaking
  • Concrete Hollow Blocks (CHB) Making
  • Container Van Upcycling
  • Tire Recycling

Supporting Local Entrepreneurship

Beyond generating jobs and royalties, we support livelihood formation in Semirara Island through the construction of a Commissary (2009), Food Court  (2013) and Wet Market (2013). These commercial facilities have since provided opportunities for local entrepreneurs to sell their products and services to the community.

We also spearhead community-based workshops for marginalized women and other stakeholder groups, empowering them to operate small businesses. Our current livelihood programs are established with people groups to ensure sustainable governance.