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Our Expectations of Suppliers, Contractors and Business Partners

SEMIRARA MINING AND POWER CORPORATION (SMPC) is an integrated energy enterprise that is committed to provide reliable, affordable energy to the Philippines. We operate towards achieving a rational and disciplined balance between business sustainability and inclusive growth.


Sustainability forms an integral part of our business strategy.


Our stakeholders expect us to uphold the high standards of responsible and ethical corporate citizenship and to encourage a similar commitment by suppliers, contractors and business partners (Suppliers) with which we do business.




Employees are expected to share SMPC’s commitment to uphold legal, ethical and generally recognized standards with Suppliers in carrying out procurement duties and responsibilities. Our procurement decisions are made on the basis of quality, service, price, delivery and best value.


By laying out our expectations of Suppliers, we expect Suppliers to respect our corporate values and to demonstrate responsible supply chain management. SMPC may elect to not work with or cease business relationships with Suppliers who do not meet our expectations or are unwilling to take corrective action on non compliance to ensure we do business the right sustainable way.


Raising Concerns


If you have concerns about our expectations of suppliers, contractors and business partners, please email [email protected] and [email protected].





a. Quality

SMPC values fairness, integrity, accountability and responsibility as we believe that relationships built on these values will be sustainable and beneficial for all.


We expect Suppliers to be committed in meeting the quality standards without compromising business ethics.


Suppliers are expected to provide accurate information about their products and services and be fully responsive to inquiries and concerns they receive.


b. Environment


Environmental impact is crucial to SMPC’s sustainable operations. SMPC expects Suppliers to comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations and support aproactive approach to promote the environment’s sustainability.


Suppliers having significant environmental impact shall demonstrate proof of responsible environmental stewardship through a recognized Environmental Management system inplace that ensures compliances are monitored, controlled, monitored, mitigated andreported. They are expected to ensure continual improvement of their business process and mitigating measures are in place to reduce and monitor the environmental impact oftheir operations.


c. Safety and Health


SMPC expects Suppliers to maintain and promote a safe, productive and healthy workplace for their employees, customers, contractors and the general public in compliance with relevant laws and regulations on occupational health and safety.


SMPC expects Suppliers to know and fully comply with SMPC safety policies and procedures while conducting business in company premises at all times.





a. Gifts and Entertainment


Suppliers shall not pay bribes or make any other inducement (e.g. kickbacks, facilitation payments, gifts and hospitality, etc.) in the pursuit or facilitation of business transactions with SMPC.


b. Legal and Other Compliances


SMPC expects suppliers, contractors and business partners to comply with applicable laws, regulations on labor, environment, safety and health, generally recognized standards and contractual agreements. Suppliers are expected to not engage in any business transaction involving illegal activities.


c. Fair Dealings and Competition


SMPC expects Suppliers to be committed in complying with relevant laws on free and fair competition. Suppliers are expected to prohibit illegal or unethical business practices such as manipulation, concealment, abuse of privilege information, or misrepresentation ofmaterial facts to seek an unfair advantage.




a. Child Labor and Forced Labor


SMPC expects Suppliers to be free from all forms of child labor. Persons under the age of 18 or below the legal minimum age of employment of the country from which their business operate, shall not be employed.


SMPC expects Suppliers to not engage in or condone forced labor in any form, including forced overtime.


b. Fair Treatment and Diversity


SMPC expects Suppliers to provide fair and decent working conditions and not tolerate any forms of harassment, discrimination and intimidation on the basis of race, origin, gender, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or belief, or any unlawful reason.


c. Working Hours, Compensation and Benefits


SMPC expects Suppliers to ensure that fair wages and benefits are given to their employees and the working hours are within limits in accordance with relevant laws and legal standards.




SMPC expects Suppliers to keep the confidentiality of the Company’s business and proprietary information and to only strictly use them for authorized purposes.


This includes strict adherence to our social media policy which prohibits the unauthorized online use of SMPC Group logos, posting of images of SMPC Group facilities (interior and exterior),physical assets, employees, vendors or suppliers, and the unauthorized blogging of online content pertaining to SMPC Group, among others.




SMPC expects Suppliers to support the sustainability and progress of the host communities from which they operate through strategic partnerships that will boost social and economic development.




SMPC expects Suppliers to ensure compliance with the principles of respecting and upholdinghuman rights, justice and fair play.



Supplier Commitment Form

(Duly accomplished form to be emailed to [email protected] )


I have read “Our Expectations of Suppliers, Contractors and Business Partners” of SemiraraMining and Power Corporation (SMPC) and commit to respect and abide by SMPC’s commitment to quality, environment, safety and health, legal and ethical standards during the course of our business relationship.


I understand that failure to comply or take corrective action may have adverse effects on our business relationship with SMPC.



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