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Safety & Health Policy

Semirara Mining and Power Corporation, in its quest to promote the use of coal as major energy source, and to continue to remain as the undisputed leader in the coal mining industry in the Philippines, ensures a safe and healthy workplace for employees and all working in its behalf, visitors and the communities, and a safe and healthy environment for the community.


Semirara Mining and Power Corporation, committed for a continual improvement of safety, health and welfare of all its employees, and those working in its behalf, RECOGNIZES Human Resources as its best assets.  The company is fully committed to protect these assets from on and off the job accidents, to maximize their potentials for the mutual benefit of the company and the workforce.


To achieve this commitment, Semirara Mining and Power Corporation shall:

  1. Ensure safety, health and welfare of our employees and those working for us, as well as our visitors and stakeholders;
  2. Provide a safe and healthful working environment, promote pride, self-confidence and an attitude to build a culture of safety among our employees, and all working in its behalf and nearby communities, with all necessary efforts;
  3. Maintain, in a manner consistent with our safety and health policy, targets and objectives, out installations, equipment, processes and operations;
  4. Continue to be proactive in identifying risks, and keeping same to a minimum through regular review and checking of processes, facilities and equipment to prevent untoward incidents;
  5. Enhance awareness, skills and competence of all employees and those working in its behalf to effectively involve them in ensuring the safety and health of everyone;
  6. Comply with all applicable legal and other requirements to which the company SUBSCRIBES.


The Safety and Health Policy shall be communicated to all employees and those working in its behalf, visitors, and made available to all interested parties.  They are, in turn, encourage to report safety and health hazards, without fear of repression, reprimand or intimidation.