Open 32.25
Close 32.20

Quality Policy

SEMIRARA MINING AND POWER CORPORATION strives to keep on increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing customer experience, through its highly-trained and motivated workforce, produces globally competitive coal that exceeds customer’s expectations and stakeholder’s confidence commits to:

  1. Establishing and reviewing Quality Objectives to ensure its relevance to business environment;
  2. Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory and standards to which we subscribe;
  3. Employ best practices in mining to maximize customer satisfaction and enhancing customer experience;
  4. Exceeds customer’s expectation through on-time delivery of quality coal at competitive price;
  5. Achieve operational excellence to maximize value for our stakeholders;
  6. Ensure continuity of critical business functions and processes in accordance with contractual, legal and our own business requirements;
  7. Develop competencies of our people in order to harness their full potentials and improve productivity; and
  8. Embed a culture of continual improvement in all its level of organization through engaging employees and involving them in improvement activities.


This policy shall be communicated to the entire corporate workforce as well as visitors and relevant and interested stakeholders. They are in turn, encouraged to report issues or concern that led to or will lead to issues and /or deviation from these commitments to the Management Team, without fear of repression, reprimand or intimidation.