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Vision, Mission and Values


Semirara Mining and Power Corporation is a reliable, responsible, vertically integrated energy enterprise contributing towards inclusive growth.




To responsibly and efficiently operate in all sites.
To empower host communities, contributing to their sustainability.
To nurture and uphold environmental stewardship.
To ensure equitable returns to all stakeholders.


We conduct ourselves and manage our business according to the following:
Commitment. We are highly focused on realizing our mission without compromising the Environment, Safety and Health of our stakeholders.
Excellence. We set high standards for ourselves and for our Company and then strive to consistently exceed them.
Professionalism. We use our skills, competence and character to deliver value to our stakeholders.
Teamwork. We work together and support each other to achieve our shared goals.
Integrity. We act in a fair, honest, ethical and responsible manner. 
Loyalty. We put a premium on personal commitment over self-interest.