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SMPC brings amusement park experience to Semirara Island

December 25, 2023

After more than 16 years, residents of Semirara Island in the Municipality of Caluya, Antique get to experience once again the excitement and thrill of carnival attractions this holiday season.


Made possible by integrated energy company Semirara Mining and Power Corporation, or SMPC in partnership with the Department of Energy and the Barangay Local Government Unit of Semirara, "Semirara Carnival 2023" features a plethora of fun rides to give Semiraranhons a memorable experience this holiday season.


Semirara youngsters pose for selfies as they embark on a thrilling ride at the Viking.

Situated at Semirara Oval, the carnival had its grand opening on 17 November and will run until 15 January next year. Serving as main attractions are its seven rides, ranging from inflatable slides and classic carnival draws like Carousel and Ferris Wheel, to exhilarating Caterpillar, Air Force and Viking.


Since its opening, hundreds of adults and children alike flock to the carnival grounds every night to experience the attractions. "Masayang-masaya po ako dahil sa maraming rides at maraming mabilihan ng laruan, sapatos, at damit" (I am very happy because there are plenty of rides and many vendors of toys, shoes and shirts), says 10-year-old JX Escanillas.


As an early Christmas gift, SMPC provided free rides to children during the carnival's soft opening. Moreover, more than 700 student athletes and coaches who participated in the Municipal Sports Meet also enjoyed free rides and snacks at the carnival last 18 December, courtesy of SMPC. As part of its community outreach program, the company also plans to hold a kiddie party at the carnival for indigent children.


"We know that it's been a dream of Semiraranhons to experience carnival in the island. That's why we brought [it here] this year to add to the festive atmosphere of Christmas season," Creslito D. Bangalao, admin division head of SMPC, said.


On top of fun rides, the carnival also houses more than 60 food stalls and dry goods stores where locals can grab snacks and shop for souvenirs. For added excitement, there are also several amusement games which offer prizes like groceries and merchandise.


With its multiple attractions and family-friendly vibe, the carnival makes for a perfect bonding experience for families and friends this holiday season.

Source: Daily Tribune