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Information Policy

Information Policy

Our policy is to provide the investment community with timely, relevant and accurate information about our financial performance, operating highlights, strategic direction, growth prospects and potential risks, including material and reportable non-financial and sustainability issues


We maintain a policy of open and constant communication, subject to insider information guidelines and other pertinent Company policies. Corporate information is disclosed in a timely and transparent manner to individual and institutional shareholders using a number of communication channels.


  • Announcements and Updates

We release announcements on material business developments and updates, as needed.


  • Periodic Reporting

We practice the timely issuance of quarterly and annual structured reports, including financial statements that are prepared in accordance with financial reporting and accounting standards.


  • Investor Relations

We conduct and/or participate in investor relations activities such as analyst briefings, investor conferences, among others.


  • Company Website

Our website ( provides up-to-date financial and business information on the results of our business operations, organization structure, corporate governance documents and policies, disclosures, among others.


  • Official Company Facebook CSR Page

We have a Facebook CSR Page ( where we post about our health and safety initiatives, environmental programs, community programs and employee empowerment and engagement efforts.