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Water Management

Water is a crucial element in our core business. We utilize water prudently to minimize our impact on shared water resources with our local communities. Our water management practices aim to ensure equitable access and prudent use of sustainable water supply with our stakeholders.

Before its treatment and use, water is withdrawn from several adjacent sources. For instance, river water undergoes the demineralization process before being converted to steam for turbine power generation. Meanwhile, seawater runs through our own desalination  plant treatment at Semirara Island before being used for power generation or domestic use by residents and employees.

Prior to discharge, water undergoes treatment before being sent back to the sea. We regularly conduct monitoring measures and tests to ensure the effectiveness of our water sustainability practices.

Water for domestic use, especially water from Bunlao Spring in Bgy. Alegria, feeds into a filtration plant that was installed in June 2012. The use of reverse osmosis technology at the refilling station started in October 2015 which improved the quality of potable water available for island residents.