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Ecological Solid Waste Management

Coastal and River Clean-up Activities

Aside from the reintroduction of giant clams to our reefs, we have been conducting river and coastal clean-ups since 2012 in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and local communities.


In promoting healthy and clean bodies of water in its host communities, SEM-Calaca Power Corporation and Southwest Luzon Power Generation Corporation continues its annual clean-up drive at the Dacanlao River and Cawong River, SCPC's and SLPGC's adopted rivers as part of its Adopt-an-Estero program. This initiative ensures that the river water bodies are healthy and clean for the nearby communities and the marine life. 

Solid Waste Management

In all our business operations, we make sure that mitigating measures are observed in order to minimize our environmental impact. 

Our waste management program centers around circularity, sustainable resource use, and responsible waste disposal. 

  • Eco bricks from upcycled plastic waste are used to build community infrastructure in Semirara Island.
  • Bottom ash from our power plants is repurposed as an additive to concrete hollow block making and as asphalt for government road projects. It is also donated to local cooperatives and organizations for livelihood as an additive to concrete hollow block making.
  • Fly ash is used by third parties as a cement admixture.