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Value Creation, Business Model and Strategy

The Company operates from the interplay of different tangible and intangible factors in the economic value chain born from the rising energy demand. Energy is considered the life-blood of the economy and indispensable in sustaining the economic growth and progress of the nation.

Guided by the corporate values of Excellence, Integrity, Commitment, Professionalism, Teamwork and Loyalty,


we move forward to achieve our vision towards empowering sustainable communities through synergy of resources.

To ensure the achievement of our vision and strategic objectives, we have adopted a six-point perspective where we focus all our efforts to deliver sustainable value –  Stakeholders’ Sustainability, Safety and Health, Organizational Development and People Excellence, Operational Efficiency, Environmental Stewardship and Community Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability. These weave through in our business model as presented by the DNA helix as we transform coal to energy. Working within the  company’s Enterprise Risk Management System,  execution of company initiatives to achieve the expected results are illustrated in the business model and we will always be guided by our Corporate Governance policies instituted by the Board and management for sustainability in delivering continuing growth and increasing shared values to all stakeholders.