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Inland and mangroves area reforestation


We are proud of our efforts to preserve the natural ecosystem of Semirara island through our reforestation and rehabilitation initiatives.


Over 300 hectares of mangrove are protected by SMPC. Our mangrove reforestation project now covers 196 hectares of coastal area for carbon sequestration and island protection, with a total number of 673,439 hills survived as of December

2018, a 23.03% increase from the previous.


Tree-planting activities and seedling distribution are conducted in Calaca to help rehabilitate forests in our locality. We strive to establish “green buffer” zones to further improve the environment of our host communities.


We have achieved to plant and survive 1,772,166 endemic, ornamental, and fruit-bearing trees in areas directly or indirectly by SMPC operations. In December, our rehabilitation project comprising 27 different species planted within the mining complex has a total population of 856,037 by the end of the year.


Our reforestation initiatives also include areas outside the mining complex, with rehabilitation efforts strategically covering sites with sparse vegetation, including landscaping and propagating grass species such as bamboo, ragayray, carabao grass, among others. As of December 2018, a total of 916,129 trees have been planted outside the mining complex.


Food security is also ensured with our planting of fruit-bearing trees and crops, promoting the island’s biodiversity, with areas around the island affected by the Company rehabilitated by these endemic species.