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Workforce and Contractor Safety

The nature of our business demands an uncompromising approach to safety. The safety of our people, partners, and host communities take absolute precedence by ensuring high performance and strict adherence to our safety management systems.




Safety is fundamental to all our stakeholders and we single-mindedly strive to consistently achieveour safety goals through collective responsibility and commitment. We continually improve our safety strategies that focus on building a resilient safety culture across our operations, developing passionate safety leaders, and the continuous enhancement of our management systems.


Safety performance is at the forefront of our initiatives. Since 2008, our conformance to conducting our mining operations within the standards of OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System demonstrates our commitment to creating a safe, enabling environment for our employees, business partners, and contractors. Likewise, our strategic priority is to attain the certification to the same international standards for our power subsidiaries.




Proactivity and resilience are the key components in our safety culture where the top-of-mind goal is to prevent incidents before they occur.


We continue to reinforce this safety journey and ownership via safety tool box meetings, increased safety patrol inspection and activities, safety audits, near-miss reporting and enforcement of safety ticket violations.


Our safety program empowers our workforce at all levels to identify risks better, manage activities in a manner that minimizes hazards, eliminate unsafe incidents, and promote safety excellence in the performance of our operations.


Our Safety Initiatives:

  • Enhanced incident investigation reports and root cause analysis
  • Improved safety patrols
  • Revamped permit-to-work system
  • Established traffic management and emergency plan



One of the early benefits of these safety initiatives is the significant reduction of recorded safety violations.


We continue to provide opportunities for interaction to improve our safety performance and reinforce safety culture. To further emphasize accountability and the need to report near-miss incidents, we implemented the Departmental Performance Measure, which is monitored through our monthly Integrated Management System (IMS) Meetings. ESH performance of all departments is also measured and evaluated during monthly Central Safety Committee (CSC) meetings.


In 2016, we continued to maintain our focus on safety training and education using various modalities and approaches that are cascaded to all levels of our workforce.



Our Mining Safety Milestones and Programs

  1. Improved and time-bound incident investigation process
  2. Revamped safety patrol and improved reporting procedures
  3. Enhanced Permit-to-Work system
  4. ESH trainings to all levels of the organization
  5. Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) teams, trainings and drills
  6. Review of risk assessment
  7. Embedded ESH criteria in performance evaluation
  8. Established traffic management and emergency evacuation plan in mine and auxiliaries and offices
  9. Enhanced safety competencies of safety personnel and Slope Stability Radar (SSR)



The safety of our workforce, contractors, and plant visitors is our top priority, with heavy emphasis on achieving zero harm.


Our Power segment had no fatality and recorded no Lost Time Accidents during the year. However, our Total Reportable Non-Disabling Injuries increased from four (4) incidents in 2015 to eight (8) incidents in 2016.


In response to the increase in workplace injuries, we reinforced our safety leadership intervention program and implemented safety improvement initiatives at all levels to ensure our employees and contractors understand their roles and responsibilities in creating a safe workplace at all times.



Our Power Safety Milestones and Programs

  1. Safety Training Program in all levels of the organization
  2. Hazard Prevention and Control Program for improved Non-LTA:
    a. Equipment Safety Audit
    b. 5S and Housekeeping Audit
    c. Fire Protection System Inspection
  3. Compliance to Workplace Inspection and Job Hazard Analysis
  4. Development, implementation and monitoring of departmental Risk Assessment process
  5. Fire Safety training and earthquake drill (near barangay) in sponsorship with the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council
  6. Emergency Preparedness program - Fire and Earthquake Drills



Our total workforce had zero fatality in 2016. Regrettably, despite our best efforts, there were four (4) fatalities involving contractors at a mine site auxiliary facility and one (1) fatality of a contractor at the power plant site auxiliary facility. We strongly believe that any loss of life while on company premises is unacceptable and that contractor safety is given equal priority as that of our employees. We conducted impartial investigations to discern the cause and the required remedial actions to ensure improved safety performance.


All contractors are required to undergo an extensive Contractors Safety Awareness program, among others. This control improvement program aims to improve our safety practices and enhance contractors’ knowledge and competence to avoid future recurrence.




Mine Site

Power Plant Site

No. of Non-Lost time Accidents, Non-Fatal



No. of Lost time Accidents, Non-Fatal



No. of Lost time Accidents, Fatal



Lost Work Days



Total Manhours Worked



Lost Time Injury Rate or Frequency Rate



Severity Rate



 *Four (4) fatalities involving contractors at auxiliary facilities

 **One (1) fatality involving a contractor at an auxiliary facility




Corporate Office

Total Workforce

No. of Safety Committee Personnel





Total Workforce