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Whistleblowing and Hotline Reporting

The Company does not tolerate fraud, abuse of authority, non-compliance or unethical behavior. In using the Hotline reporting mechanism, please consider the following guidelines :


Responsible Reporting
The Hotline is an additional reporting and secure venue for employees and stakeholders to pro-actively and responsibly raise valid concerns affecting the Company for proper resolution.


Malicious Reporting
The Hotline is not intended for false or malicious complaints. While the Hotline is intended to protect the Reporter from any unfair treatment resulting from his/her disclosure, abuse or misuse of the Hotline by making petty, false or malicious complaints is not tolerated.



Reporting of the concern or complaint raised shall be treated with due care and confidentiality. It is essential that the Reporter provide all critical information, details and documentation to enable the Company to effectively evaluate and investigate the matter. In reporting a concern anonymously, there must be adequate information provided for the Company to have an informed judgment as it is difficult to assess the genuineness of an anonymous report without sufficient basis.


The Company strictly prohibits reprisal, intimidation or harassment of any kind against a Reporter who discloses a complaint or concern in good faith and based on his/her reasonable belief. The Company shall investigate and address promptly any concern of retaliation and harassment brought to its attention.


Whistleblowing Report Form: downloadable

Please email your reports to: