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Employee Health, Safety and Welfare




Our Environment Management System is founded on the principles of strict compliance, shared responsibility and continuous improvement.


Since 2008, our coal mining operation and support activities have been certified as compliant to the International Organization for Standardization on Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004).


On a quarterly basis, a Multi-Partite Monitoring Team (MMT) composed of representatives from the Philippine government and various stakeholder groups oversees and evaluates our adherence to the Environmental Compliance Certificate conditions of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, including other applicable laws, rules and regulations.


Our Environmental Unit (EU), together with concerned groups, regularly assesses our environmental programs for effectiveness and improvement. Air and water quality, noise level and hazardous-regulated materials are also monitored and regularly tested against standards and baseline data.


Safety and Health


Fundamental to our safety program is our compliance to applicable legal, government and regulatory requirements.


We have over 170 safety committee personnel tasked with monitoring, implementing and continuously improving the safety practices and standards across our organization.


To further strengthen our occupational health and safety management system, we have been implementing the quality systems and principles of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


Since 2008, our coal mining operations and support activities have conformed to the stringent Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 18001:2007).


We believe that by aligning our daily operations with local and international standards, we can mitigate health and safety risks for our employees, visitors and host communities.


Learn more about our Environment, Safety and Health programs and initiatives in our Integrated Annual Report.




Health & Welfare


The Company’s holistic health program covers annual physical examination, physical fitness and sports activities. Opportunities are in place for recreational activities to promote physical fitness, foster camaraderie and team spirit, as well as spiritual activities to enrich one’s personal values. Maligayang Semirara, a year-round arts, music and sports program that aims to promote community- and self-sustainability, presents better work-life balance to company workers and island residents. The same program provides the children of Semirara Island creative and physical outlet for their youthful energy, an avenue to discover and develop skills in the arts, music and sports. Other wellness programs include physical fitness activities such as Zumba and aerobics classes, and information campaign and seminars regarding one’s healthy lifestyle and financial health.


The Company-owned–operated infirmary facility provides free primary medical services not only to the Mine Site workforce and their dependents, but to local residents. The facility has at least four (4) medical doctors on call at any day, two (2) dentists, two (2) medical technologists, one (1) x-ray technician, seven (7) nurses, a midwife, three (3) nurse aides who also function as pharmacy assistants, and caregivers. It has been reinstated as a Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) - accredited facility in 2013. The hospital’s pharmacy offers more reliable supply and discounted cost of medicines to the island community. 



List of Benefits to Full-time Employees

Govt Mandated Benefits

Additional Company Benefits


SSS Contribution

Life and Accident Insurance

In-House Health Care (R&F)

Pag – Ibig (HDMF) Contribution

Health Care Insurance

1 sack milled rice every 2 mos. (R&F)

Phil Health Contribution

Sick Leave Credits after first year of employment – 15 days after one year

Service Award (R&F) depends on yrs of service (5, 10, 15 or 20 yrs)

13th Month Pay

Vacation Leave Credits after first year of employment – 15 days per year

Bereavement Financial assistance

Maternity Leave – 60 up to 78 days

Free primary medical services–including basic dental services– to mine site workers & their dependents

Emergency leave – 4 days/year

Paternity Leave – 7 days

Bereavement Leave – 4 days per covered family member

Medicine Allowance upon anniversary (R&F)

Solo Parent Leave – 7 days

Medicine Allowance

Relocation allowance (upon retirement)

Special Gynecological Surgery Leave Benefits for Women – two months

Free Housing – Mine Site

Anti-Violence Against Women and Children – 10 days

Free Power Allocation (R&F-300mw/mo.; Jr Staff-600mw/mo.; Sr staff:800mw/mo.) and Water utilities – Mine Site


Retirement Benefit (RA 7641) – Your Company has a funded, noncontributory defined benefit plan, SMPC Retirement plan

Free Education (K to 12) for dependents – Mine Site



Dormitory for employees residing more than 36 kms. away from the Calaca Plan


  In-House Health Care clinic – Calaca Plant